What is a Minimum Modifier in Workers Comp?

Minimum Modifier in Workers Comp. I’ve produced a few videos that talk about the worker’s compensation experience rating modifier. In a nutshell, it is a rating factor in your worker’s comp policy that is specific to your firm’s claim experience compared to your peer group. Have more claims than your peer group – you’ll have … Read More

What Is The Workers Comp Experience Mod?

Today I answer the question: what is the workers comp experience mod? The workers compensation experience modifier goes by different names or phrases depending on who you’re speaking to.  I call it the mod, but others may call it your x-mod, the experience mod, the modifier, etc. Regardless of what you call it, the mod … Read More

How to Reduce Your Workers Comp Mod – Part 3

How to Reduce Your Workers Comp Mod – Part 3, Payroll as a function of the mod calculation So we’ve discussed in the past couple of posts how to reduce your workers comp mod that the only two variables in your mod are payroll and claims.  We’ve discussed claims and in another post, we’ll talk … Read More

Reducing Work Comp Mods – Part 2

How to Reduce Your Workers Comp Experience Modifier In my last post, we talked about the math portion of the reducing workers’ comp experience mod and how errors often exist which end up costing clients more premium than they should.  When we perform audits on mods we often do find errors on prior policy terms … Read More

How To Reduce Your WC Experience Mod – Part 1

How to Reduce Your WC Experience Mod Today we’re going to talk about how to reduce your workers compensation experience mod.  This rating factor in your workers comp policy goes by many names so you may know it as your x-mod, the mod, the experience modifier, and so forth. Let’s start with the fundamentals so … Read More