Insurance by Coverage

Our exclusive focus is on insuring business owners.

We work with a wide variety of industries and write ALL forms of business insurance. From the simple BOP policy to complex property insurance schedules to difficult D&O insurance and everything inbetween.

Below we highlight just 6 of the unique coverages we have expertise in, but are capable of handling all commercial or business insurance policy forms for you.

The Coyle Group offers all types of Business Insurance, but has a deep domain expertise in these unique coverage forms.


Hackers and threat actors don’t care if you’re a multi-national corporation or two-person startup, they are out for your data and your money and are deploying sophisticated tools and scams to get them.  Cyber risk is an enormous threat for businesses of all sizes and only cyber insurance can protect you from the direct losses that cyber criminals can inflict on your business as well as the indirect threats and costs associate with a cyber event.


To achieve the lowest cost possible for workers compensation insurance you need to do more than just get quotes.  A quote you get online, or from just any broker isn’t going to address the underlying cost factors that determines how much you’re going to pay now, or over the long term.  For you to achieve the best results you need an expert to dig deep and find the mistakes, errors, and overcharges that commonly occur in workers compensation insurance.

Directors & Officers/
Management Liability (D&O)

Private company decision-makers put their personal assets on the line every day as executives, managers, and directors of startups to large mature companies because they can be personally named in lawsuits that allege wrongful acts for their decisions.  Only D&O or Directors & Officers Liability insurance will protect them and their personal assets.

Errors and Omissions Professional Liability (E&O)

Errors & Omissions Insurance, often called E&O or Professional Liability Insurance is a form of coverage needed by a vast array of business owners, tech firms and professionals that provide unique or professional services to their clients.  It protects them from lawsuits which may allege an error, an omission or some other wrongdoing in providing professional services.

Product Recall

If you manufacture or distribute a product, have you ever considered what you would do if a product was found to be faulty, dangerous, or contained a harmful substance?  How would you withdraw a product from the marketplace?  How would you notify your customers of a potentially dangerous product?

Product Recall Insurance protects manufacturers and distributors for the costs of customer notification, physically recalling defective products from store shelves, destroying that product, rehabilitating a firm’s reputation and many other costs.


M&A Insurance includes Reps & Warranties, Tax Liability and Contingent Liability Insurance. These types of policies are designed to mitigate deal risks and facilitate clean exits.

Reps & Warranties Insurance (R&W) protects buyers and sellers from financial loss in the event of a breach or alleged breach of the reps and warranties in a deal.  It gives buyers greater confidence in closing a deal and it helps sellers walk away from the closing table with all proceeds, and peace of mind that they are protected should litigation ensue down the road.


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