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My $19 Productivity Hack

My $19 Productivity Hack Have you ever heard of the productivity hack called the Pomodoro technique? Ever procrastinated on a big task and don’t know what to do to get started? Feel like your day flew by and you didn’t get anything on your list done? I’m going to talk about these issues and tell … Read More

What is NY DBL? How much does DBL Cost? How do you get DBL?

What is NY DBL? How much does DBL Cost? How do you get DBL? What is NY DBL, how much does it cost, how do you get it, and why do you need it? And, how does it integrate with NY paid family leave or PFL? Okay so you’re looking for NY DBL or have … Read More

How much does Commercial Auto Insurance cost, and why?

How much does Commercial Auto Insurance cost, and why? So, you’re either in the market for commercial auto insurance, or you’ve just gotten your insurance bill and you’re a bit shocked. I get it, commercial auto rates are rising and have been for the last few years and you’re looking for alternatives, ideas, or options. … Read More

Workers’ Compensation Issues and Costs – My Process to Fix Them

Workers’ Compensation Issues and Costs – My Process to Fix Them Hey, thanks for clicking on this post regarding workers’ compensation issues and costs. This is geared to mid-sized firms that are seeing their workers’ comp costs rise. You may be wondering why are my costs going up, and what can I do about it. … Read More

D&O Insurance for FinTech Firms

D&O Insurance for FinTech Firms If you’re a FinTech Startup you may be looking for D&O Insurance for FinTech Firms and other forms of business insurance and are shocked at the cost and difficulty of obtaining coverage. In this video and post, I’m going to explain what’s going on and how to find the right … Read More

Business Development: When did we forget to dream?

I meet with and speak to a lot of people whose primary role is business development and sales. These are folks across all industry segments, not just insurance. Banking, professional services, durable goods, financial services, tech, etc. And, many of these professionals are entrepreneurs, business owners, the rainmaker of their firms. Big and small. I’m … Read More

Productivity Habits – Why Task Lists Are Killing Productivity

This is the second video and post I’ve done in a productivity habits series where I’m going to focus on the tools, hacks, task lists, and ideas I have on staying productive, organized and frankly – just getting stuff done. I sell business insurance for a living and I’m involved in several different projects at … Read More

Productivity Habit #1 – Work Offline

Today I’m going to kick off a series of non-insurance-related videos and focus on some of the habits, tools, hacks, and ideas I have on productivity, organization, and plain old getting stuff done. This idea came to me after a friend asked me something like: “How do you keep up with all your digital projects, … Read More

D&O Insurance For Tech Startups

D&O Insurance for Tech Startups You may be a founder of a startup or a serial founder and you’re thinking about some of these issues regarding D&O Insurance for Tech startups Why do I need D&O Insurance? When should I purchase D&O Insurance? How much D&O insurance should I purchase? I’m going to answer those … Read More

What Does Liquor Liability Insurance Cost?

What is Liquor Liability Insurance & What Does it Cost? In this article, we’re going to cover Liquor Liability Insurance, what does it cost, what does it cover, why do you need it if you’re a restaurant, bar, tavern, or other foodservice establishment. Any restaurant, bar, food establishment that is licensed to sell or serve … Read More