general liability insurance cost

What Does General Liability Cost? 2022

Hi, I’m Gordon Coyle, and in this video and post, I’m going to explain how insurance companies arrive at the price you pay for general liability insurance. We’re going to dig into the general liability cost and how to save on this form of business insurance so you’re a more informed buyer. So, let’s start … Read More

D&O Insurance for startups by the coyple group

D&O Insurance for Startups – Do You Need It?

D&O Insurance for Startups. Do I need it?Good question, and if you are a high-growth startup then the answer is probably a big yes! That includes tech-focused firms in software development, fintech, biotech, web 3.0, Crypto, etc. Any funded startup seriously needs to consider this protection. Why D&O Insurance for Startups? Well for a few … Read More

insurance for small business

What Does Insurance for Small Business Cost? 2022

You own a small business or maybe you’re just about to start up a small business and you know you need insurance, and you want to know what the costs may be. Like all of us, you turn to Google and ask the magic black box – What does insurance for small business cost? The … Read More

experience rating modifier by the coyle group

Experience Rating Modifier Changes in NY 2022

The New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board or NY CIRB has released a new formulation for the workers’ compensation experience rating modifier. Most business owners know the experience rating modifier as the x-mod, the e-mod, or just the mod. The modifier is a credit-debit system to reward employers with better than average workers comp claim … Read More

fiduciary liability insurance

Fiduciary Liability Insurance Explained 2022

Fiduciary Liability Insurance – what is it? Why do you need it? Who does it protect? What does it cost? Fiduciary Liability Insurance is usually made part of a management liability insurance policy or portfolio and provides protection to the trustees of ERISA-based employee benefit plans such as retirement plans and health insurance plans. Trustees … Read More

co-insurance in commercial property

Co-Insurance in Commercial Property Policy – Explained

Co-Insurance in commercial property insurance – it’s a topic that’s often misunderstood and when it is it becomes dangerous for the insured. Make a mistake here and you could be in really bad shape if a claim happens. The first thing I want to talk about is that many business owners really don’t understand their … Read More

prevent wire transfer fraud

Prevent Wire Transfer Fraud – 3 Steps

Wire transfer fraud continues to be a serious problem for businesses of all sizes so I thought a quick video and post on what’s happening, how it happens, and how to prevent wire transfer fraud would be appropriate. Most wire transfer frauds occur via email where a hacker posing as a vendor requests your bookkeeping … Read More

business income coverage

Business Income Coverage Explained 2022

What is business income coverage?Is business income insurance the same as business interruption insurance?How does business income coverage work?These are three questions I’m going to answer, coming right up Okay, business income, business interruption, loss of rent, and other names are similar coverages that are made part of a commercial property policy or business owner’s … Read More

business insurance costs in manufacturing

What Drives Up Business Insurance Costs in Manufacturing

You’re in the manufacturing business and you may be asking yourself “What drives up business insurance costs in Manufacturing?” Having worked with manufacturers for over the past 40 years I can identify two major issues that drive up business insurance costs in Manufacturing. My comments below are relative to a manufacturer’s peer group, meaning what … Read More

reputational damage coverage

What Is Reputational Damage Coverage in a Cyber Policy?

What is Reputational Damage Coverage in Cyber Insurance?Have you ever wondered what would happen to your reputation if a cyber event struck your company?What would the damages be?Is it covered by insurance?I’m going to answer that question, coming right up. Okay, let’s start off by saying that no two cyber policies are the same. There … Read More