captive insurance

What is Captive Insurance?

Captive insurance, what is it? How do you re-insure? Do you hate buying business insurance? Have you ever thought – Man, my insurance company is making a ton of profit off of me, I never have claims and pay a lot in premiums. If these thoughts ever cross your mind and you’re paying over $350,000 … Read More

business travel accident insurance

Business Travel Accident Insurance – What Is It?

For companies of every size that have employees traveling overseas, there is a gap in your insurance protecting those employees. In this video and post, I’ll describe what that serious gap is and how to close it with business travel accident insurance, and why this is important to your business. So what’s the gap when … Read More


EPLI Explained

Being an employer comes with risks and one of the biggest risks you have comes from your employees in the form of employment-related lawsuits. In this video and post, I’ll explain what employment practice liability insurance, commonly called EPLI is, and how it will defend your company and prevent a lawsuit from bringing your business … Read More

prevent wire transfer fraud

Prevent Wire Transfer Fraud – 3 Steps

Wire transfer fraud continues to be a serious problem for businesses of all sizes so I thought a quick video and post on what’s happening, how it happens, and how to prevent wire transfer fraud would be appropriate. Most wire transfer frauds occur via email where a hacker posing as a vendor requests your bookkeeping … Read More

waiver of Subrogation

Waiver of Subrogation – What Is It? Why Is It Required on a Certificate of Insurance?

Often when you are asked to provide a customer or a general contractor or other third parties with a certificate of insurance, they’ll require that waiver of subrogation is included in your policies. What is a waiver of subrogation? Why is someone asking for it? How do you get it? I’ll explain these questions, coming … Read More

insurance company loss control

Insurance Company Loss Control Recommendations – Are they really necessary?

For larger companies, especially in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, trucking, and contracting it’s very common for your insurance company loss control/risk control engineer to visit with you on a regular basis. Regular means once or twice a year and maybe more frequently. The title for this job will change from insurer to insurer but this person’s … Read More

Workers Comp Communication Plans

In this article, we discuss the importance of a workers comp communication plan which is initiated following a worker injury. I’ve witnessed it too many times. An employee gets injured on the job and they get the cold shoulder from their employer. No communications, no instructions, no empathy. And then the employer wonders why morale … Read More

Reducing Work Comp Mods – Part 2

How to Reduce Your Workers Comp Experience Modifier In my last post, we talked about the math portion of the reducing workers’ comp experience mod and how errors often exist which end up costing clients more premium than they should.  When we perform audits on mods we often do find errors on prior policy terms … Read More

The Coyle Group’s Approach to Business Insurance

In this video, I describe what The Coyle Group does for mid-market firms, and how we’ve differentiated our approach to business insurance. When we talk about mid-market firms that we target, we’re speaking about companies with revenues roughly in the $10M to $250M range.   These firms are in our sweet spot for a few reasons. … Read More

Distracted Driving in New York

80% of U.S. Drivers with Cellphones use them while driving! Distracted driving is a problem in America. Almost 400,000 people are injured and almost 3,500 are killed in accidents every year involving distracted driving. I hope that it’s a conversation that is happening at dinner tables with youthful drivers on a repeated basis; but how … Read More

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