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Business Insurance costs by Coverage Type

Cyber Insurance

Cyber is a valuable form of coverage to protect a business from the threats of ransomware, hacks, theft of data and more.

Workers Compensation

Workers Comp is a mandatory form of insurance in most states when you have employees. In this clip we discuss how the price for workers comp is developed.

D&O Insurance

D&O or Directors & Officers Liability Insurance is a form of management liability which is needed by companies of all sizes. Watch this video to get an idea of how premiums for D&O are developed.

E&O Insurance

E&O or Errors & Omissions Insurance is also known as Professional Liability and is needed by a variety of professional service firms, technology firms.

Product Recall

In this video we discuss how product recall insurance is priced and what factors influence the price you pay for this unique form of coverage.

Mergers & Acquisition Insurance

In this video we focus on a form of M&A Insurance known as Reps & Warranty insurance and how the price for this coverage is developed.

Business Insurance costs by Industry Type

Financial Services

The financial services sector deploys a variety of unique coverage forms which we discuss here and how those forms are priced.


In this video we go over the various forms of insurance used by technology companies to cover their unique risks and how the premiums for these policies are developed.


In this clip we review the policies commonly purchased by firms in the manufacturing industry and what you can do to reduce premium costs.

Wholesalers & Distributors

Wholesalers and distributors face a wide variety of risk challenges, which we go over and how the insurance policies used to cover those risks are priced.

Automotive Services

Garages, repair shops, car and truck dealers all have special insurance needs, and in this video we talk about how those insurance policies are priced.

Real Estate Investors & Developers

From startup investors to large developers of real estate, insurance can be a signficant cost factor which we go over here.

Small Business

In this video we review the types of insurance most small businesses need and describe how premiums are developed for small businesses.

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