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Workers Compensation can be one of the greatest headaches in a larger firm. Without the right controls or culture, claims can spiral out of control and take the cost you pay with it.  Many brokers view workers comp from a pure rate perspective, but this form of insurance is much more complex than just the rates or premiums you pay. 



Cyber risk is an ever growing and morphing risk for businesses today.  Simply buying a cyber policy off the shelf without understanding the full spectrum of risks and coverages available could leave you bare in the most serious of claims.

Hedgefund - 360


FinServ-360 focuses on working with a variety of financial service firms; including: Hedge Funds, Private Equity firms, Venture Capital firms, Registered Investment Advisors, Consumer Lenders, Business Lenders, Hard Money Lenders, and more.



Technoloy-360 is our practice group which supports a variety of tech related businesses; including:



Retailers comprise a huge cross section of the economy and when it comes to insurance the choices are many.  But beyond just the basic business owner’s policy or BOP policy, what do retailers really need when it comes to insurance?



IndustrialRisk-360 is our practice group focused on manufacturers, processors, distributors, wholesalers and other firms working in industrial settings, both heavy and light. Industrial clients face challenging risks from keeping workers safe and healthy to unusual product liability issues.



ProSure-360 is our practice group focused on a wide range of professional and health related service firms. Accountants, architects, attorneys, consultants, dentists, doctors, engineers, veterinarians, and other professionals comprise this practice group and need a variety of specialized coverage forms beyond just their business owners policies. 



Few mid-market firms understand that the price they pay for insurance or their Total Cost of Risk hinges on their risk-score. RiskScore-360 is our propriety tool to help you take the right steps to improve your risk score so you can reduce your Total Cost of Risk.


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Our Story

The Coyle Group is a boutique insurance brokerage and risk management solutions firm focused solely on the business marketplace. Founded as Coyle & Coyle in 1929 by brothers Harry & Jack Coyle in a small office in New City, NY the firm was originally a real estate and insurance brokerage serving the still very rural Rockland County.  Today, we are exclusively focused on business insurance and creative risk solutions for business owners in the greater New York City Metro area and beyond.

So, what's your story?

Coyle Group
Golden Circle

Why We Do What We Do

Most business owners have much of their personal net worth invested in their businesses. The lowest price sales process deployed by most insurance brokers puts the client, their livelihood, and their net worth at risk. We take this responsibility very seriously, and frankly the commoditization of business insurance really pissed us off.  So we vowed to change that. It became our WHY, and our reason for creating a unique process which does more than shop the marketplace for price.

Simon Sinek's Golden Circle shown above is the principal behind every successful business and a powerful model for driving results.

Our Valued Clients

Vanhall Interior
Vanbarton Group - The Coyle Group client
Veja - The Coyle Group client
Weatherman - Coyle Group Client
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T.A.Sciences - The Coyle Group client
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ProfiTrust - The Coyle Group client
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The Coyle Difference

The Coyle Difference turns the traditional buying process on its head. We don’t play by the flawed rules of shopping the market for the lowest price which most brokers subscribe to. Instead we focus on the risks and challenges you face; the proverbial wicked things that keep you up at night, and how we can work to resolve those issues with the right insurance products and risk management services to control risk. Our goal is long term cost reduction, better protection, improved productivity, and an overall better experience.


Meet our business experts

Gordon B. Coyle

Gordon B. Coyle, CPCU, ARM, AMIM, PWCA

CEO / Senior Risk Architect

Gordon is responsible for new business development, client management and managing the agency. He joined the family business after graduating from college in 1982 and continues to love what he does. In his free time, he enjoys adventures of all types including hiking, backpacking, Spartan Racing, scuba diving, and climbing. Other hobbies include working around the garden, woodworking, traveling, and time with the family. This photo was taken in Zion National Park’s back country on a backpacking trip in 2017.

Karen Coyle

Karen Coyle


Karen’s job encompasses not only all the agency systems and procedures, but also everything financial at The Coyle Group. It’s a big job but Karen is using her 37 years of experience in the insurance business and the support of dedicated co-workers Claire and Donna to get it all done. Karen grew up in Nassau County on Long Island in the 60’s and 70’s, went to Fordham University Rosehill Campus in the Bronx and landed her first job as a Commercial Marketing Representative for Aetna Life & Casualty (perfect for someone who majors in English Literature and History).

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It was during one of her first agency visits that she met Gordon Coyle and the rest is history. Shortly after they got married she joined The Coyle Group and has held just about every position in the organization. Karen and Gordon have three wonderful children Laurel, Tom and his fabulous wife, Courtney. To Karen, family has always kept me centered so in my spare time I enjoy cooking for them, as a matter of fact a cut metal sign with the phrase “Food Is Love” hangs above her kitchen sink! Karen is also a voracious reader, a fan of British television dramas, an expert organizer, and world traveler but, she’s always happiest at home, surrounded by Gordon and family!

Claire McGranaghan

Claire McGranaghan


Claire has been responsible for managing client relationships for over 7 years at The Coyle Group and is focused on offering exceptional customer service to our customers! She enjoys working with clients to solve problems and giving them the confidence that we are protecting their businesses. In her free time Claire enjoys cooking, hiking and spending time with her husband, Andrew and their dog Penny. Born and raised in Ireland, Claire tries to travel back to Ireland as often as possible and looks forward to going there again soon.

Donna Richard

Donna Richard

Senior Account Manager

Donna’s career in the insurance industry began in 1985 as a personal insurance account representative and through the years developed expertise in commercial insurance and loves working with clients in all areas of account management. Her passion is working with and caring for horses. Donna has owned and cared for horses her entire life and studied Equine Health & Management. Today she lives on a horse farm in New Jersey, breeding, boarding horses and offers lessons in a horseback riding program. She enjoys helping riders reach their full equine potential.


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Words from our clients

Customer review

“After working with the Coyle Group for many, many years I can only say really great things about them! The team has always taken care of our company with promptness and efficiency. As our business has grown and changed over time, any and all changes or modifications have been seamless and their guidance has been invaluable. A special thank you to Claire for her careful attention to detail and her continuous help with all our questions and needs!!”

Bonny Batt

Customer review

“We have worked with the Coyle Group for many years in the servicing of our business insurance needs. The team at Coyle have been incredibly helpful in providing us with the best and most cost effective insurance options. They also have been incredibly responsive and communicate very quickly and thoroughly whenever we need assistance with a question or form. We would highly recommend the Coyle Group for your insurance needs.”

Joslyn Jantzen

Customer review

“Gordon Coyle is an experience, knowledgeable insurance professional with decades of experiences. He and his team work with their clients to ensure that they are adequately protected in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

Michael D. Steger

Maria Beaird

“Gordon has a process that is thorough, comprehensive and easy. It allows companies to uncover risks they may not have been aware of, and therefore, protect themselves. I am impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and concern – have the best interest of his clients as his top priority. I try to refer clients to him every chance I get. He is trustworthy and honest.”

Maria Beaird

Customer review

“If any business is looking to work with an insurance brokerage firm that is not only excellent at what the firm does, but one that deeply values the needs of the clients, then The Coyle Group is the firm for you. Give them a call and see for yourself. I can assure that you will quickly agree. “

Dahiema Grant


Frequently Asked Questions

When is a good time to have a review of my insurance performed?

Insurance reviews are NOT a quoting exercise, but instead are a thorough analysis of the coverage terms and conditions you have compared to the risks you face. A review should provide you insight into how well your insurance policies are structured and coordinated. A good time to have a review performed is just about any time during the policy term. The best time is going to be about 3 or 4 months before your expiration/renewal so you evaluate making the changes needed and price them into your renewal program.

How can The Coyle Group help my business manage its risks?

For us, the process of managing risk starts with risk identification, and this is done through the evaluation of your loss history, a physical inspection of your premises or job sites, OSHA reports and conversations with leaders within you firm.  Once we have identified the risks your business faces and the priority of those risks we can design a plan tailored to your specific needs.  This can include safety documentation and communications, training, safety culture awareness, fleet management, OSHA compliance, and more.

What are loss runs?

Loss runs are reports generated by your insurance companies that provide details as to the claims your company has incurred over a specific time frame; typically 3 to 5 years. Loss runs are needed in most cases for an insurance broker to quote your account because insurance company underwriters will price your account based on your specific loss history.
Have fewer claims than your peers and you’ll likely pay less for insurance. Have a greater number of claims or payouts and you’ll pay more than your peers for insurance.

What’s a BOP policy?

BOP stands for Business Owners Policy and it was created in the mid 1980s to help simplify business insurance for small businesses. A BOP often will include at least two coverage parts: property coverage and liability coverage. In addition to those core coverage parts a BOP policy will automatically include dozens of “fringe” coverages needed by most businesses and the ability to add other coverage parts like umbrella to one policy, and billed on one bill.

Is it difficult to switch insurance agents or companies?

No, for the most part if you decide you to switch agents and or insurance companies the process is pretty simple.  It is advisable in most cases to make a change on the renewal date to avoid what is known as a “short-rate cancellation” penalty.  Also, switching on a renewal date is cleaner and easier for everyone involved.

If I buy direct from an insurer and cut out the agent, do I save money?

When it comes to commercial insurance there are “direct insurers” where you can buy insurance and they claim that going direct will save you money. But the simple fact is that someone has to service your account, answer questions, issue certificates of insurance, handle changes, and give you advice. Whether that’s an agent or an employee there’s a cost to it, so it’s hard to say which is less expensive. But what we believe is that business insurance is not a “do it yourself” type experience and having an expert guide you on the right types of insurance and limits to purchase is valuable.

Also, when you buy direct, you’re dealing with an employee of the insurance company – who is their allegiance to? Their employer. In addition you can only buy the products that company sells. What happens when you need a product they don’t sell?

When you buy from an independent agent or broker you are getting a much broader representation to the insurance marketplace and you’re working with an entrepreneur, like you, who is focused on helping you make the most informed decisions. Price/cost is important when it comes to insurance, but we think buyers should be thinking about value and who is going to give them the most value for their premium dollars.

Why do insurance agents need so much info to quote my policy?

This is a great question, because when you’re buying insurance it may seem like there are endless questions and applications; especially if you’re looking for forms of insurance like D&O, Cyber, Employment Practice Liability Insurance and others. The basic reason we need to collect so much info is because underwriters need much of that info to make decision on whether to issue a quote to you, and for determining the price of that quote.

For most small business BOP type quotes we typically don’t need a lot of info to get the process started to offer you a proposal.

What are some ways to keep insurance costs down?

Business Insurance premiums are driven by a few factors – the state of the marketplace, your claim history, your company’s safety culture and its ability to control risk.  For larger firms these factors will weigh more heavily in the pricing of your insurance than for smaller firms.  Regardless of the size of your company or your insurance spend, the more control you have over risk, the less claims you will have, and this helps reduce insurance costs.  Need help in controlling risk?  Ask us!  We have tons of resources and expertise to help you in this area.

How do I know if my business insurance coverages are adequate?

Data breaches are quickly becoming the most expensive type of claim a business can incur.  If you have data, than you’re at risk.  Protecting your data from external hackers as well as from internal mistakes made by employees is critical to protecting the “crown jewels” of your business.  Preventing a breach includes the right mix of: 1. hardware such as firewalls; 2. software which is updated as well as intrusion detection, virus protection programs, and lastly 3. Training, the most often overlooked prevention strategy.  On-going training of your employees is critical to prevent accidental clicking of malicious links, falling prey to phishing schemes, failing to follow protocols when wiring money, and more.  For more help on cyber protection training, please contact us!

How do I prevent a data breach in my business?

No, for the most part if you decide you to switch agents and or insurance companies the process is pretty simple.  It is advisable in most cases to make a change on the renewal date to avoid what is known as a “short-rate cancellation” penalty.  Also, switching on a renewal date is cleaner and easier for everyone involved.

What types of businesses does The Coyle Group insure?

The Coyle Group works with a wide variety of businesses in just about every industry vertical.  Manufacturers, wholesale distributors, retailers, professional service firms, financial service firms, technology companies, contractors, real estate investors, and more.  Don’t see your business type listed?  No worries, there’s too many to list, just give us a call and let’s chat to see if we’re a good fit for your business.


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