Insurance For Your Business

Business Insurance is Complex & Confusing.

Unfortunately It’s Also Wrong 90% of The Time, Putting Your Biggest Asset at Risk.

Let’s Fix That!

Below you will find information on:

– How to purchase business insurance for a startup
– Getting a second opinion on your business insurance already in place.
– How to get a question answered or problem solved when it comes to
business insurance or common risk issues.

Startup, New Venture, Looking for Business Insurance for the First Time?

Shopping for business insurance the first time around is confusing.

How do you know what you need?

Cost is a big concern, How do you make sure you’re getting a good deal?

In this video I’m going to address these issues and the concerns probably on your mind, wondering how to procure business insurance the first time.

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Not happy with your current broker relationship?
Not getting the answers you need?
Looking for pricing options?
Not 100% confident that you have the right coverages or the right broker?
Feeling like you’re overpaying for business Insurance?

This video will give you a sense of our focus on getting business insurance right, being your advocate, and helping you understand what you need and why.

I can help with any of these issues you may be thinking or feeling.

Have a problem, question, or issue regarding business insurance?

You may have landed on our site because you’ve got a problem, question or issue and you don’t know where to turn or who to ask.

If your issue has to do with business insurance, I’m pretty sure I can help. With over 40 years in the insurance business there aren’t a lot of problems or questions I haven’t answered, solved or fixed!

The best part is that you don’t need to be a client or buy from me to get my expertise. I love helping business owners with their wicked insurance and risk issues, and if at the end of our conversation you do want to buy from me, great! But there’s no pressure, gimmicks or obligations.

Insurance by Coverage Type


The risks of cyber hacks, ransomware attacks, and wire transfer frauds continue to grow.  Are you prepared if an attack strikes your business and shuts it down?  Having the right cyber insurance can help mitigate this dangerous risk.


Many firms lack a long-term strategy to manage workers comp premiums and the indirect loss costs that occur with every worker injury.  Combined, these can cause massive financial leakage to a company’s bottom line performance.

Directors & Officers/
Management Liability (D&O)

D&O insurance should be called personal net worth insurance because that’s what it protects for decision makers of private firms and non-profits.  And it requires a skilled broker to tailor protection specifically for your needs.

Errors & Omissions Professional liability

If your firm provides advice, counseling, consulting, or other professional services, you likely need E&O or Professional Liability insurance.  Buying protection online or off the shelf may leave you exposed – this is where a skilled broker’s value comes into focus.

Product Recall

The costs of a product recall go beyond just getting a potentially dangerous product off store shelves and include damage to your firm’s reputation, cash flow, profits, and long-term sustainability.  Without specialized protection, could you survive a recall event?

Representations & Warranties
M&A Insurance

Yes, there is insurance to help smooth out deal risks of buying and selling of businesses and facilitate clean exists by transferring certain risks of buyers and sellers to an insurance company.   Here we focus on Reps & Warranties Insurance.