Cyber Insurance for Startup Hedge Funds

Do Startup Hedge Funds Need Cyber Insurance? You’re about to launch a fund or thinking about launching a hedge fund and are thinking about insurance. D&O / E&O are must-haves, of course.  They protect the GPs from claims which may arise alleging certain wrongful acts in managing the fund.  And many of your investors will … Read More

Workplace Violence and Insurance- Part 3

Managing Workplace Violence Risk For today’s blog, I want to discuss risk control strategies focused on Managing Workplace Violence Risk. As a brief refresher, Managing Workplace Violence insurance responds to threats of workplace violence and actual violent events to help fill in coverage that is normally not covered in other business insurance policies.  Like all … Read More

What is EPLI or Employment Practice Liability Insurance?

What is EPLI or Employment Practice Liability Insurance? Employment Practice Liability Insurance or EPLI for short is a form of management liability coverage intended to protect a company and its decision-makers from claims which arise from employees and third parties alleging wrongful employment acts.  Commonly these wrongful employment acts are wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, hostile … Read More

E&O Insurance– The Definition of Professional Services

E&O Insurance– The Definition of Professional Services E&O or errors and omissions insurance, also known as professional liability, and in the medical world as malpractice insurance, is another one of those insurance policies that are not standardized and require a level of expertise to understand and interpret.     The E&O policy is intended to … Read More

Colonial Pipeline Hit With Negligence Lawsuit

Colonial Pipeline hit with Negligence Lawsuit Over Ransomware Attack How a cyber attack can go from bad to worse. Well, that didn’t take long.    The cyber-attack that hit Colonial Pipeline has now resulted in a class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia about 10 days after the ransomware attack first hit Colonial.      … Read More

Reducing Work Comp Mods – Part 2

How to Reduce Your Workers Comp Experience Modifier In my last post, we talked about the math portion of the reducing workers’ comp experience mod and how errors often exist which end up costing clients more premium than they should.  When we perform audits on mods we often do find errors on prior policy terms … Read More

What Happens to a D&O Policy with a Change In Control

Handling your D&O policy in an M&A Transaction – Addressing Change in Control Provisions Executive Summary:  In this article, we explore the insurance issues a company’s decision-makers face when it comes to mergers and acquisitions with specific conversations around the D&O policy’s change in control provision.  What it is, how to handle it, and how … Read More

Common Problems With Business Insurance – Part 2

Common Problems with Business Insurance – Missing Locations In my last video, I introduced this multi-part video series focused on the common errors, mistakes, and failures I have documented in the coverage programs we have reviewed in the past for prospective clients. Last time we discussed missing named insureds and today we’re going to talk … Read More

The Coyle Group’s Approach to Business Insurance

In this video, I describe what The Coyle Group does for mid-market firms, and how we’ve differentiated our approach to business insurance. When we talk about mid-market firms that we target, we’re speaking about companies with revenues roughly in the $10M to $250M range.   These firms are in our sweet spot for a few reasons. … Read More

General liability insurance policy exclusions

Risk Transfer – A Primer

Contractual Risk Transfer – A critical risk management strategy for businesses of all sizes. Risk Transfer, or Contractual Risk Transfer not too long ago was solely the domain of contractors and while the construction industry is the heaviest users of risk transfer, I’d like to show businesses of all types and sizes why they need to … Read More

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