What is Full Prior Acts Coverage

What Is Full Prior Acts Coverage in Insurance? When you hear the phrase “prior acts” or “full prior acts coverage” from an insurance broker they are talking about a feature in a claims-made policy form. Claims made policy forms are a type of policy structure that is used for Directors and Officers, Errors & Omissions, … Read More

D&O Insurance Policy Exclusions

Two common D&O Insurance Policy Exclusions: The Prior and Pending Litigation Exclusion and the Prior Acts Exclusion.   There are two common exclusions applied to D&O or Directors and Officers Liability coverage which have to do with the time before the first policy’s inception that new buyers are often confused by.    They are the prior and … Read More

Who is an insured on a D&O policy? 

Who is Insured on a D&O policy?  In the past, I’ve had clients call and ask me to add new directors who have just joined their board to their D&O policy.  Some leaders believe that the D&O policy has a schedule of named insureds, so I thought a quick video on who is actually defined as … Read More

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