Fiduciary Liability Lawsuits

Fiduciary Liability Lawsuits are on the rise and many business owners and decision-makers don’t know about this important coverage part.  Fiduciary Liability insurance is often known as the redheaded stepchild of management liability insurance.  Most business owners and decision-makers know about Directors & Officers Liability or D&O as well as Employment Practice Liability or EPLI … Read More

D&O Insurance Policy Exclusions

Two common D&O Insurance Policy Exclusions: The Prior and Pending Litigation Exclusion and the Prior Acts Exclusion.   There are two common exclusions applied to D&O or Directors and Officers Liability coverage which have to do with the time before the first policy’s inception that new buyers are often confused by.    They are the prior and … Read More

IPO Litigation Risks

IPO Litigation Risks This morning I read an interesting article on IPO litigation risks, from Kevin LaCroix who has a daily D&O newsletter called the D&O Diary – I know, I can hear the chuckling in the back of the room already making fun of my morning reading habits, but there’s often great information here. … Read More

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