What is Cyber Insurance & Do You Need It?

What is cyber insurance? Do you really need it? What does it cover? How do you get it? I’m going to answer these questions and more, coming right up. Okay, so what is cyber insurance? The answer, broadly speaking is a policy form designed to protect a company from the costs and financial implications of … Read More

Cyber Insurance for Startup Hedge Funds

Do Startup Hedge Funds Need Cyber Insurance? You’re about to launch a fund or thinking about launching a hedge fund and are thinking about insurance. D&O / E&O are must-haves, of course.  They protect the GPs from claims which may arise alleging certain wrongful acts in managing the fund.  And many of your investors will … Read More

Cyber Insurance 101

Have you been thinking of buying cyber insurance?  Not sure what’s covered?  Does your insurance agent make it sound important, but you don’t think it really applies to your business?  Then our Cyber Insurance 101 discussion will help. If those questions sound like they may apply to you, then this video is for you.  I’m … Read More

Guide to Combatting Social Engineering Fraud

Combatting Social Engineering Fraud Due to the threats and the severity of the potential claims involved, every company should be looking at ways to combatting social engineering fraud. Social Engineering is a broad term used in the insurance industry which refers to trickery or scams that are occurring with regular frequency today.  Often, the scammer … Read More

What is MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication

What is MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication and why is your cyber insurer mandating that you have it?  MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication is a cybersecurity tool that requires you to confirm your identity prior to gaining access to a network, system, or website using multiple factors.     We are accustomed to providing a user name … Read More

Colonial Pipeline Hit With Negligence Lawsuit

Colonial Pipeline Cyber Risk: How a cyber attack can go from bad to worse. Well, that didn’t take long.    The cyber-attack that hit Colonial Pipeline has now resulted in a class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia about 10 days after the ransomware attack first hit Colonial.  This post is not intended to … Read More

Cyber Insurance for Small Business Introduction

Welcome to our multi-part video series on cyber insurance for small businesses. My goal is to educate business owners on cyber risk and cyber insurance. What’s driving me is the statistic that less than 30% of business owners in the small and medium-sized market are actually purchasing cyber coverage today. Yet, in the corporate world, it’s … Read More

Cyber Risk and Windows 7 End of Life

Microsoft had announced a while ago that it was ending its support for Windows 7 operating systems and Server 2008/R2 systems.  What this means is that the platforms will continue to work, but Microsoft will not support the systems or offer patches or updates.  An unpatched machine, of course, is a vulnerable machine since known … Read More

human error

95% of Data Breaches are Caused by Human Error

If that statistic by IBM is true, what are you doing to prevent human error? If you’re a small or medium-sized business you’re probably not doing much. I get it. It’s difficult to train employees on risks you may not even understand yourself, or your IT department is too overwhelmed to take on the task … Read More

Phishing Attacks – A Cyber Security Guide

Phishing attacks are on the rise, and threaten the cybersecurity of firms large and small. The best defense against any type of cybercrime is education. Understanding the threat and having your employees understand the threat will help lessen the chances that hackers can infiltrate your network. Our guide on phishing attacks will help give you … Read More

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