Cyber insurance for technology startups

Cyber Insurance for Technology Startups

Why Cyber Insurance for Technology Startups a Must-Have Protection In this article, we will lay out in simple, non-technical insurance language why cyber insurance for technology startups is a must-have form of protection and should be considered early on in the formation of their company, and give advice on what to look for, and how … Read More

What is Cyber Insurance & Do You Need It?

What is cyber insurance? Do you really need it? What does it cover? How do you get it? I’m going to answer these questions and more, coming right up. Okay, so what is cyber insurance? The answer, broadly speaking is a policy form designed to protect a company from the costs and financial implications of … Read More

Cyber Insurance Premiums 2021

What’s going on with Cyber Insurance Premiums in 2021? Have you seen your cyber insurance premiums rise this year without an explanation of why? Or are you in the market shopping for cyber insurance and surprised by the prices of coverage? In this post, we’re going to break down what’s going on with cyber insurance … Read More

Cyber Insurance 101

Have you been thinking of buying cyber insurance?  Not sure what’s covered?  Does your insurance agent make it sound important, but you don’t think it really applies to your business?  Then our Cyber Insurance 101 discussion will help. If those questions sound like they may apply to you, then this video is for you.  I’m … Read More

cyber insurance buyers guide

9 Tips for Buying Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance, still today (August 2021), is a somewhat misunderstood form of insurance coverage, and under purchased form of insurance. In this cyber insurance buyers guide, I give entrepreneurs some of the basic information they need to make more effective decisions when it comes to Cyber Insurance.  Here, we discuss the importance of working with … Read More

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