Cyber Insurance for Startup Hedge Funds

Do Startup Hedge Funds Need Cyber Insurance? You’re about to launch a fund or thinking about launching a hedge fund and are thinking about insurance. D&O / E&O are must-haves, of course.  They protect the GPs from claims which may arise alleging certain wrongful acts in managing the fund.  And many of your investors will … Read More

Colonial Pipeline Hit With Negligence Lawsuit

Colonial Pipeline hit with Negligence Lawsuit Over Ransomware Attack How a cyber attack can go from bad to worse. Well, that didn’t take long.    The cyber-attack that hit Colonial Pipeline has now resulted in a class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia about 10 days after the ransomware attack first hit Colonial.      … Read More

How Much Cyber Insurance Should I Buy?

How Much Cyber Insurance Should I Buy? How Much Cyber Insurance Do I Need for My Business?  How much is enough when it comes to cyber?   Cyber insurance is a unique form of insurance protection that will cover the insured for: First-party claims – meaning damages they suffer directly as a result of a … Read More

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Why Aren’t YOU Buying Cyber Insurance?

As an insurance broker, I have often experienced small and medium sized business owners very reluctant to purchase cyber insurance; even though the cyber related risk seems very apparent.  So, I found a recent study published by Chubb Insurance on why decision makers may think cyber protection is unnecessary, interesting. The majority of respondents in … Read More

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