How to Buy Small Business Insurance in 2021

  How to Buy Small Business Insurance   I’ve done several videos on what small business owners should look for in the insurance policies they buy, but I don’t think I’ve ever answered the question on how to buy small business insurance.  So how do you go about buying small business insurance?  There are three main channels … Read More

Small business insurance explained 2021

Small Business Insurance Explained   In this blog, we’re going to talk about what most small businesses need when it comes to business insurance in 2021.        First, for most small businesses whether you’re in retail, professional office, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, garage risks, and even contracting, your core policy is going to be a … Read More

M&A Insurance and Small Business Exits

M&A Insurance and Small Business Exits If you’re a small business owner and you’re thinking of selling your business, you may never have heard of M&A insurance or Reps and Warranties insurance; so you may not know how to answer the question in the title of this video is this kind of insurance right for … Read More

Cyber Insurance for Small Business Introduction

Welcome to our multi-part video series on cyber insurance for small businesses. My goal is to educate business owners on cyber risk and cyber insurance. What’s driving me is the statistic that less than 30% of business owners in the small and medium-sized market are actually purchasing cyber coverage today. Yet, in the corporate world, it’s … Read More