What Is A BOP Policy? 2022 Edition

What Is A BOP Policy? 2022 Edition You may be looking for business insurance or speaking with insurance brokers and keep hearing the term BOP policy. The insurance industry often uses acronyms and other abbreviations so commonly that we think everyone knows what these terms mean. A BOP is an acronym for Business Owners Policy, … Read More

Business Owners Insurance– What’s really covered? 

Business Owners Insurance– What’s really covered? Insurance for business owners goes by many names in the small business insurance market.  Often it’s called a BOP or business owners policy – pretty simple, right!?  But this type of package policy can go by many other names as well, BOP is sort of the generic term the insurance … Read More

Small business insurance explained 2021

Small Business Insurance Explained   In this blog, we’re going to talk about what most small businesses need when it comes to business insurance in 2021.        First, for most small businesses whether you’re in retail, professional office, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, garage risks, and even contracting, your core policy is going to be a … Read More