workers' comp insurance

How does Workers’ Comp Insurance work?

Hi, I’m Gordon Coyle and welcome to my blog where I talk about business insurance and risk issues on the minds of business owners and entrepreneurs like you. In this video and post, I’ll explain how workers’ comp insurance actually works. So, how do workers comp, work? As I mentioned a minute ago, workers’ comp … Read More


EPLI Explained

Being an employer comes with risks and one of the biggest risks you have comes from your employees in the form of employment-related lawsuits. In this video and post, I’ll explain what employment practice liability insurance, commonly called EPLI is, and how it will defend your company and prevent a lawsuit from bringing your business … Read More

one broker

Business Insurance – Why Using One Broker Gets The Best Results

Are you a business owner approaching a renewal of your business insurance and you’re frustrated by the shopping for business insurance experience, and you’re dead set on looking for one broker instead of multiple brokers in the quest to find the best deal? Or maybe you’re a first-time buyer of business insurance and you’re also … Read More

insurance for small business

What Does Insurance for Small Business Cost? 2022

You own a small business or maybe you’re just about to start up a small business and you know you need insurance, and you want to know what the costs may be. Like all of us, you turn to Google and ask the magic black box – What does insurance for small business cost? The … Read More

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