General Liability Insurance Exclusions

Understanding General Liability Insurance Exclusions: Protecting Your Business Wisely

Hi, I’m Gordon Coyle and today we’re going to dive into a crucial aspect of general liability insurance that often goes unnoticed – general liability insurance exclusions and limitations. We’re going to explore how to understand these exclusions so they don’t leave your business vulnerable, so let’s get started. First, I’d like to say that … Read More

Captive insurance

Introduction to Captive Insurance

So you’ve heard about captive insurance. Maybe a friend, CPA, peer, or other has told you that for larger privately owned middle market companies a captive is a great way to transfer risk over traditional insurance. In this video and post, I want to go over some broad topics and thoughts on Captives that I … Read More

general liability insurance

Understanding General Liability Insurance for Middle Market Businesses

Hi, I’m Gordon Coyle, and today we’re going to dive into an essential topic on the minds of a lot of mid-market business owners – General Liability Insurance for middle-market businesses and how you determine coverage adequacy without blowing up your budget. General Liability Insurance, often called GL is a crucial shield to protect your … Read More

General Liability Insurance Policy Exclusions

Demystifying Insurance Jargon: General Liability Insurance Policy Exclusions Every Business Owner Should Know

Hi, I’m Gordon Coyle, and here where we break down complex insurance topics into easily understandable insights for business owners. Today, we’re going to demystify insurance jargon and focus on an important aspect of General Liability Insurance Policy Exclusions As a business owner, it’s crucial to be aware of what your general liability insurance policy … Read More

Tech E&O Insurance

How much does Tech E&O Insurance cost?

The cost of Technology Errors & Omissions (Tech E&O) Insurance will depend on several factors, such as: The type of technology product or service is insured. As an example, a low-hazard technology provider like a website developer is going to pay less for E&O insurance than say a Fintech company that is handling money transactions … Read More

captive insurance

What is Captive Insurance?

Captive insurance, what is it? How do you re-insure? Do you hate buying business insurance? Have you ever thought – Man, my insurance company is making a ton of profit off of me, I never have claims and pay a lot in premiums. If these thoughts ever cross your mind and you’re paying over $350,000 … Read More

hard market

What is A Hard Market in Business Insurance?

You may have received your business insurance renewals recently and the premiums are up – maybe even up significantly. You call your agent and ask why, and they answer “Well, it’s due to the hard market – there’s really nothing we can do” That doesn’t mean a lot to you and it probably even frustrates … Read More

Cargo Insurance

Basics of Cargo Insurance Explained

Do you ship goods from overseas to the United States?  Have you ever wondered what would happen if that ship sank or the containers were lost at sea? Do you need cargo insurance? What about damages to your goods while in the container at sea or over the road?  We’re going to answer some of these questions and … Read More

cyber risk

Silicon Valley Bank Pose A New Cyber Risk

The failures of two boutique banks (Silicon Valley and Signature Bank) recently present a unique cyber risk issue that should be addressed immediately. The first is that cyber threat actors are stepping up social engineering attacks using these bank failures as an opportunity to trick your finance team into (paying fraudulent invoices). As is expected … Read More

contractors' equipment insurance

What is Contractors’ Equipment Insurance?

Contractors’ Equipment Insurance – who needs it, when you need it, what it costs, and more, coming right up. Contractors’ equipment falls under the category of inland marine insurance, which I did a video on a while ago, and if you’d like you can take a look at that here: Inland Marine Insurance Explained! You … Read More

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