Cyber Insurance for Small Business Introduction

Cyber insurance for small businessWelcome to our multi-part video series on cyber insurance for small businesses.

My goal is to educate business owners on cyber risk and cyber insurance. What’s driving me is the statistic that less than 30% of business owners in the small and medium-sized market are actually purchasing cyber coverage today.

Yet, in the corporate world, it’s the #1 risk on the minds of risk managers, and corporate executives who can’t find enough cyber coverage to purchase.

This is why the low adoption rate in the small and medium-sized market is puzzling. Why is this?

Well, maybe no insurance broker has clearly explained the risks and coverage to the business owner that’s made sense to them?

Maybe decision-makers think it’s too expensive or too difficult to get? Or that a cyber event won’t happen to them.

During this series of videos, I hope to dispel these myths and provide actionable steps to find the right coverage.

Stay tuned, and let me know in the comments box what your thoughts are when it comes to cyber risk and cyber insurance. Thanks


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