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Cyber Insurance Myths

cyber insurance mythsIn this video, we discuss some of the common cyber insurance myths or misconceptions that small and medium sized business owners have about cyber.

If I seem to be passionate about this subject, it’s because such a small percentage of decision makers in the SME market are buying cyber.  I can’t figure out why the adoption rate is so low, but I, as well as other knowledgeable insurance brokers around the country want to change that.

The biggest problem with Cyber Risk is that a cyber event as the ability to totally disrupt a small business to a point of bankruptcy.

That’s serious.

And it doesn’t need to be that way.


Premiums for cyber are cheap.  Really cheap. Cyber Premium

But they’re not going to stay that way forever.  In fact, insurers are seeing the cost of claims rise, so it won’t be too long before premiums will begin to rise as well.

Getting in now, before rate increases makes a lot of sense.


Underwriting is now pretty simple.

A premium indication, is a ballpark quote of what your premium would be and is based on 3 or 4 questions.

If you think the indication is good, we can usually get the coverage firmed up with a one page application.  Sometimes with only 8 questions!

In the past, cyber applications were painful to complete.  Now they’re simpler and easier.

But great care must be taken to answer questions carefully and truthfully to avoid problems if you have a claim.


Want to see what cyber insurance will cost your company?  Click here and I’ll be back to you with a premium indication and a discussion to see if what we propose is a good fit.  No hard selling, no arm twisting, nothing heavy duty.  Just honest, expert conversation.  Let’s dispel the cyber insurance myths and get you protected.

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