Business Flood Preparation Checklist

Flood Preparation Checklist for Your Business

As we see the effects of climate change produce extreme weather patterns, we may see flooding occur in places or areas where we’ve never seen a flood before.  That’s why being prepared and changing our ideas around flooding makes sense today, and why we’re offering you this business flood preparation checklist.

In another post, I asked the question does your business need flood insurance?

The answer to that is of course may be, and it depends on a lot of factors.  If your business is located in a flood zone with a high potential for a flood then flood insurance should be something you carry.  If you’re not in a flood zone, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never suffer a flood.  So how do you determine if flood insurance is a wise investment?

In my opinion, you’ll need to ask yourself some questions, like:

What’s my proximity to water sources which can overflow and trigger a flood?

  • Is my business in a low-lying area that could flood?
  • Is my business property – especially contents – exposed to damage if a flood hits?
  • What is the history of my property relative to flood?
  • What is the flood zone according to NFIP?
  • What’s the cost of flood insurance?

To help business owners think through some of the issues surrounding flood, we have a checklist which you can download below and use to start to create a flood preparation procedure.  While flood insurance will help remediate a loss due to flooding, preventing flood damage, or reducing the damage that flooding can inflict in the first place is a better strategy.  This checklist will help you get started.  It’s certainly not all the potential questions or ideas to think of, but it’s a start.  For a more in-depth analysis, we can help!

This is critical for small businesses and large businesses alike as no one is immune from the peril of flood.

Have other questions regarding flood insurance?  Or about how to mitigate flood risk?

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Flood Preparation Checklist



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