What is HedgeFund-360?

HedgeFund-360 is The Coyle Group’s broader more encompassing (360 degree) view of risk and insurance for Hedge Fund Managers.  We are focused on reducing the complexity and inefficiency of the insurance buying process for startup funds and established funds by enabling technology without losing that personal touch or expertise.  We seek to help new funds obtain the necessary coverages they require to open up shop and grow with them to secure more advanced forms of coverage  as their AUM grows.  

Unlike a lot of big national brokers, The Coyle Group is a 90 year old boutique firm driven by entrepreneurial spirit and agility.  We know how to get the deal done and you’ll not face the bureaucratic red tape often encountered at larger national firms.  We welcome startup funds!

Why HedgeFund-360?

We recognized that startup and early stage hedge funds are under-served in the insurance marketplace.  We combine deep domain expertise with nimble and agile technology to help you secure insurance protection and risk protection services quicker and easier than traditional insurance brokerages.  Our goal is to reduce complexity and inefficiency so often part of the insurance buying experience.

As funds grow they need an advisor to help them navigate the often complex world of insurance and risk.  Our 360 degree view of risk provides deeper insights, expertise, and resources than most traditional brokers can provide.

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The Coyle Group Difference

  • Tech enabled, without losing the personal touch.
  • Practical, no nonsense approach to grow with your firm.
  • Complimentary risk control services.
  • Broad access to the global insurance marketplace.
  • Expertise to negotiate complex coverage terms and conditions.

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