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Cyber Risk Scorecard

Cyber Risk ScorecardHow does your organization score for Cyber Risk?

Business owners are often good at determining how exposed they are to different business risks.  Traditional risks like fire, theft, or liability are fairly easy to understand because decision makers have years of historical experience to draw from.  Decision makers take certain steps to control these types of risks – they install sprinkler systems, or have fire and burglar alarms, they do a good job of housekeeping around their business premises to eliminate slip and falls.  But what about emerging risks?  Like Cyber Risk?  This is uncharted territory for a lot of business owners, and for society as a whole.  We don’t know how or when claims can occur entirely.  We don’t know what a breach will look like, or what it could cost our firms.  We may even think “it can’t happen to me” as a self-defense mechanism and sweep that risk under the rug, just hoping it actually doesn’t happen to me!

Corporate Risk Awareness & Education

Our role as a corporate risk advisor is to help educate and build awareness of risks that business owners may not fully understand.  This Cyber Risk Scorecard helps do just that.  This 20 question scorecard can help quantify your company’s exposure to cyber risk and provide insights into what strategies you may wish to deploy to lessen the impacts of cyber related losses.  Click the image in this post to download a copy for yourself.  Cyber insurance, of course is the ultimate financial backstop should a breach or other cyber event occur.  In addition to funding losses, cyber insurance can also provide you the technical, legal, and PR resources you will need following a cyber event.

Need more information about Cyber Risk?

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