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OSHA Compliance – 300A Log

OSHA Compliance

It’s mid-January, which means that it’s time for all companies subject to OSHA Compliance and Recordkeeping rules should be working on their 2019 OSHA 300A Log.  Typically companies subject to OSHA Recordkeeping are those with 10 or more employees in manufacturing, contracting, warehousing, and other industrial classifications.

February 1st is the deadline for posting of the 300A log.

Here’s a link to the OSHA website which lists industries by NAIC code that are partially exempt from OSHA record-keeping rules for your reference:

The purpose of the 300A log is to provide anyone entering your premises a summary of the work-related injuries and illnesses you had for the prior year.  This summary draws from the detailed OSHA 300 log which should be maintained throughout the year every time a reportable incident occurs.

OSHA does not make it easy for an employer to understand how to comply with the various rules and posting requirements, so we’ve attached a sample guide of our OSHA Compliance Services at the bottom of this post as a link.

Need help with compliance?  Safety?  Risk reduction?  We can help.  For industrial and contracting companies work-related injuries typically determine your workers compensation premiums.  The better job you do at reducing risk – the lower your premiums will be.

If you’re concerned with OSHA compliance or feel like you could improve your worksite safety, why not give me a call.  I have a ton of resources available to our clients, which I’d be happy to share with you.

Let’s start a conversation so we can help alleviate the stress and headaches which often accompany risk and see if we’d be a good fit for your company.

OSHA Compliance Services


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