What are Cyber Pre-Breach Services?

cyber pre-breach servicesMost cyber insurance policies on the market today come with something we call cyber pre-breach services.

Cyber pre-breach services are valuable risk control services that will help the purchaser of cyber insurance to reduce, control and mitigate cyber intrusions and events.

Unfortunately, many cyber pre-breach services go undeployed! Why is this?

Well, it may be like many insurance policies, they’re purchased and then stuck in a file and not looked at again until the renewal.  Or it may be that the insurance broker who sold the policy didn’t make it clear to their customer that pre-breach services were even available.  The fact that this happens only reinforces the fact that too many businesses are complacent when it comes to cyber risk.

Regardless of pre-breach services your cyber insurance policy provides – start deploying them!  If you’ve purchased cyber insurance and your policy didn’t come with a robust set of risk control tools, then maybe you should consider changing insurers as there are several providers in the market providing great services.

Like all other insurable business risks, the greater controls you place on the perils you face the less likely it is that you’ll suffer a loss.  Cyber is no different.  In fact, as data breaches continue to rise, all businesses will be challenged to find ways to protect their networks, their data, and their money.

Hackers know that the weakest link in your company’s defense system are your employees.

Humans are often the weakest link in risk control systems, but with proper training and education, you can help reduce the chances of them clicking on a suspicious link or providing hackers access to your network.

The human element goes beyond your employees.  You’ve also got to consider your vendors and other third parties who may have access to your network and your data.  This could be something as simple as your CPA who has access to your accounting system, or a vendor who manages a mailing list for you, or any other third party who either has some of your data, or access to your network.  If these outsiders don’t have a high level of control they could accidentally expose your network to hackers as well.  So you need to make sure that all third parties have security policies as strict as yours.

The bottom line is that cyber pre-breach services are only part of your risk control strategy when it comes to cyber.  For more information and assistance in this area, please contact us!

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