Business Insurance Liberty Mutual Review 

Business Insurance Liberty Mutual ReviewBusiness Insurance Liberty Mutual Review

Thinking of buying business insurance from Liberty Mutual?  Here’s the low down and my business insurance Liberty Mutual Review.


Liberty Mutual is one of the country’s largest insurers and ranks 6th in global property and casualty premiums, as well as 71st on the U.S. Fortune 500 list of large firms ranked by revenue. 

Over the past several years we have seen Liberty Mutual morph and change its methods of doing business via mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring.

Up until about 2009, Liberty Mutual sold business insurance exclusively through their captive or employee agents.  Up until that time, most of the business insurance that Liberty Mutual sold was focused on middle-market and larger firms, and not much attention was paid to small business insurance products.   

Their personal lines home and the auto product was also sold exclusively through their captive agent channel and that has changed as well, which I won’t go too deeply on, other than to say that I think their LiMu Emu & Doug television commercials are ridiculously stupid.   

Don’t get me wrong, I love Liberty Mutual for their business insurance capabilities and the relationships we have with this company, I just feel like the whole LiMu the Emu thing diminishes their branding across the board, but I’m no branding expert, so let’s get back on track. 

When it comes to business insurance, I think Liberty Mutual is great

They have a broad mix of products serving not just large commercial firms, but also small businesses as well.  In fact, their small business insurance product is very well done with broad coverages and a broad appetite to write different types of small businesses. 

Liberty Mutual’s product lineup includes: 

  • BOP or business owners policies 
  • General Liability 
  • Workers Compensation  
  • Business Auto
  • Property Insurance 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Umbrella Insurance 
  • Environmental Liability Insurance 
  • Management Liability
  • Ocean and Inland Marine
  • Surety, and more.

As I mentioned earlier, the company has a broad appetite to write insurance in both the small business and large business segments for a wide variety of industries – probably one of the broadest appetites in the insurance business today.

What does Liberty Mutual Insurance Cost? 

For the most part, I can say that Liberty Mutual is typically pretty competitive when it comes to their small business BOP policies and in many situations for middle-market firms as well.  The cost of insurance from any insurance company is going to depend on your industry, your location, your size, and a lot of other underwriting factors.  This is one of the reasons to use an expert insurance broker that focuses on business insurance to find the best combination of coverages and prices to fit your needs.

Where do you buy Liberty Mutual Business Insurance? 

That’s a good question.  Like a lot of insurers today, you can purchase business insurance Liberty Mutual online directly from them, through any number of online portals, as well as from an independent agent or broker. 

Whether you’re a startup or an established business I will tell you that I’m not a fan of online or direct insurance company buying. 


Because you’re cutting out an agent or broker who can be your expert in helping you make the right decision when it comes to protecting what may be your biggest asset – your business.  An independent agent or broker can not only help that decision-making process, but they can do the leg work for you in finding multiple offers for you and make recommendations you may never have thought of. 

Here’s the number one reason to use a broker like The Coyle Group – it doesn’t cost you any more than doing it yourself.  Whether you buy business insurance from Liberty Mutual or from us or, the price you pay will be the same.

Here’s the bottom line. 

Liberty Mutual for business insurance is a great option.  They are rated by AM Best & Co. as A (excellent) with a size category of XV ($2B or greater).  Liberty has a broad product offering, their pricing is usually pretty competitive, they can tailor coverages for larger firms very well, and they have the capacity and expertise to underwrite some clients that other insurers may decline as being too risky or difficult. 

The point I want to emphasize is that you should be working with an independent insurance agent or broker to get a quote from Liberty Mutual or any other insurance company.  Find a broker you can trust, who has expertise in business insurance and let them do the work for you in finding the best business insurance.

Thanks for watching this video or reading this post.  My name is Gordon Coyle and if you’re looking for help on business insurance or have a business insurance question or want to learn more about business insurance Liberty Mutual, give me a call, let’s chat.  No pressure, no sales gimmicks just some conversation to see if I can help you and if we might be a good fit for your business insurance needs.  I work in all 50 states and love solving insurance and risk problems and issues for business owners.  To get started, just click the button below.


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