We have a very fundamental belief (backed up by 30+ years of experience) that if a middle market company wishes to decrease their insurance premiums it must be able to demonstrate why their firm is a better than average risk to the insurance underwriting community.  Attempting to leverage the marketplace by sending your account “out to market” to three brokers or 15 insurance companies isn’t effective or efficient, unless you can demonstrate why your business is well above average from a risk perspective.

It stands to reason that best in class companies that effectively manage risk and have fewer claims than their peers will receive the best insurance pricing, versus an average company that does little to manage risk or control claims.  Average firms will get average pricing from the market.

RiskScore360 is the first step in assessing and diagnosing where your company lands on the risk spectrum so we can effectively help you gain the necessary leverage to reduce costs and improve productivity.

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​The Coyle Group’s Strategic Risk Process.

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