Your Business Is At Least 80% Of Your Net Worth!  

Are You Sure You Are Protected Correctly?

We created a unique process based on our expertise and resources to get back to the fundamentals of protection and to broaden the conversation about risk management. Not too long ago, insurance agents were expert advisors to business owners. We helped identify challenges and business risks, and created insurance solutions tailored to client needs. But then something happened.

Then business become tremendously commoditized – business owners and insurance brokers thought alike that the most important issue was the price, so sales training focused on how to manipulate decision makers to look at the bottom line and not the whole program. Agents were taught how to drive a “wedge” between a decision maker and their incumbent agent, or how to push the trial close, or they trained on how to block the marketplace to effectively compete. Lost were the days of understanding the fundamentals of client needs, and tailoring protection to those needs. Never mind how to speak to clients about advance risk management strategies!

The simple “quick quote” approach to business risk leaves too much to chance and exposes owners to extreme personal loss. Need any proof of how brokers are into the quick quote process – just look at most insurance agents websites – Click Below for a Quick Quote, Click for Fast Free Quote, Get Secure Quote, these are the phrases displayed prominently on just about every insurance site you visit. You won’t find a quick quote button here. Instead, let’s have a conversation and see if we’re a right fit for you and your situation.

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