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Expert advice and choices to help you make the right decisions, save time, save money and get peace of mind when it comes to E&O/Professional Liability Insurance.

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  • No high pressure sales tactics means we go at your pace, not ours.
  • One call, one expert, to get the answers you’re looking for with no forms, no searching, no wasted time.
  • Competitive rates from top rated insurers.
  • Peace of mind to help solve the wicked risk issues you face.
  • Breaking down complex business insurance into understandable and usable information.


E&O/Professional Liability Insurance Explained in Less Than Two Minutes. 

E&O/Professional Liability Insurance doesn't have to be difficult.  Let me help you understand this coverage so you make the right decision.

Our New Client Process.

Here's what you can expect. 


We get to know each other and find out if we’re a good fit for your circumstances.


We’ll either collect data on what’s needed to quote your insurance, or ask for copies of your current policies to review what you’ve done so far to determine accuracy and effectiveness of your protection.

We Get To Work

We’ll work with the top insurers to craft a proposal for you which is tailored to your needs.


We’ll review the proposal together to explain everything beyond just the price of the policy.


If everything fits your needs it’s easy to start and become a client.


What Else To Expect?

Most insurance brokers follow a worn-out process of shopping the marketplace for a lower price to capture your business. The Coyle Group abandoned that antiquated idea years ago for a more formal and process driven approach that focuses on YOU, your firm, your risks and your TOTAL COSTS which delivers a more comprehensive response.


We talk.  I learn about your business, your goals and objectives. I’ll share with you how we approach business insurance differently than most brokers and see if what we do is a good fit for you.

TCOR Analysis

TCOR stands for the Total Cost of Risk, which measures your firm’s total costs beyond just insurance premiums.  Here we will uncover the true cost of risk and illustrate our strategies to reduce those costs.

Diagnostic Review

9 out of 10 business insurance programs contain fatal flaws, putting you, your firm, and your net worth at risk. Our review will identify the gaps, shortfalls, errors and potential overlaps in your existing policies, with recommendations to resolve these problems to your protection is correct.


Once we have agreement on the coverage structures and TCOR Risk Control Improvement Strategies we can begin to implement a plan with a long-term view to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Jordan Garner, CFO Colossal Media

“The Coyle Group has been an incredible addition to our team at Colossal.  They have been a tremendous resource in our worker safety and risk control efforts, providing expert guidance and documentation which will aid us in keeping our employees safe, reducing costs, and managing our workers compensation insurance premiums.  Regardless of your industry, you should contact Gordon for a conversation.  He’ll give it to you straight and offer you a winning strategy.”


Check Out The Reviews

Customer review

“After working with the Coyle Group for many, many years I can only say really great things about them! The team has always taken care of our company with promptness and efficiency. As our business has grown and changed over time, any and all changes or modifications have been seamless and their guidance has been invaluable. A special thank you to Claire for her careful attention to detail and her continuous help with all our questions and needs!!”

Bonny Batt

Customer review

“We have worked with the Coyle Group for many years in the servicing of our business insurance needs. The team at Coyle have been incredibly helpful in providing us with the best and most cost effective insurance options. They also have been incredibly responsive and communicate very quickly and thoroughly whenever we need assistance with a question or form. We would highly recommend the Coyle Group for your insurance needs.”

Joslyn Jantzen

Customer review

“Gordon Coyle is an experience, knowledgeable insurance professional with decades of experiences. He and his team work with their clients to ensure that they are adequately protected in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

Michael D. Steger

Maria Beaird

“Gordon has a process that is thorough, comprehensive and easy. It allows companies to uncover risks they may not have been aware of, and therefore, protect themselves. I am impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and concern – have the best interest of his clients as his top priority. I try to refer clients to him every chance I get. He is trustworthy and honest.”

Maria Beaird

Customer review

“If any business is looking to work with an insurance brokerage firm that is not only excellent at what the firm does, but one that deeply values the needs of the clients, then The Coyle Group is the firm for you. Give them a call and see for yourself. I can assure that you will quickly agree. “

Dahiema Grant

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Thank You Again For Choosing Us

Thanks for booking a call with me, I’m looking forward to chatting soon.

My objective is to listen to your issues and see if we have the solution for you, and I’m pretty sure we will; there aren’t many times we get “stumped” by a question or issue, so I’m confident we can help you!


- Gordon B. Coyle


Gordon B. Coyle


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