What are hidden costs, mis-aligned incentives and abusive fees costing you when it comes to Workers Compensation?

Employers who finance their worker injury costs through a loss sensitive rating plan such as a retro-rated, high-deductible, or self-insurance plan may be getting ripped off by their insurers and service providers.

We have uncovered a pervasive system of abuse when it comes to large employers and these types of plans, which are briefly described in this video:


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The key issues we frequently find are:

  • Lack of transparency leads to employers paying extremely high fees for minor services.
  • No contractual obligations to get injured workers back to work quickly and safely.
  • An over-simplified buying process often leads to costly purchasing decisions.
  • Collateral demands inflate with unnecessary cost increases, pinching credit.

The bottom line is you’re footing the bill for work related injuries and no one is monitoring

your service providers – abuse is going to happen.

That’s why we’ve created a unique audit system which identifies and fixes these types problems and issues.

Here’s the key points:

No risk

If we cannot reduce workers comp costs, there’s no fee, and no obligation.

Substantial ROI

Our fee typically results in a 5:1 Return on your Investment in our services.

No disruption

We do not disrupt your existing brokerage relationship. We are focused on uncovering and stopping hidden costs and fee abuse; not shopping your account around in the marketplace.

Quick and easy

Once we get the required information, we will report back to you in approximately two weeks with our findings.

No heavy lifting

We will need a minimum of information which can be easily obtained through your insurer or third party administrator and we take it from there.

Your insurance broker may be very good at what they do, but they probably don’t even know that this perverse system even exists; never mind have a solution to combat it.  That’s why we created this audit/action plan.  To put you back in control to reduce costs and 

produce better outcomes.

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Michael Soltoff, CEO, Eggersmann USA

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Catherine Ryan, Vice President, Operations Jaguar Growth Partners

"Gordon and his team are a tremendous resource for our firm since its founding. Their deep expertise and quick turnaround time on critical issues has been exemplary."

President, Eco-Lite Products, LLC

"We have been working with The Coyle Group since our company’s inception in 2007 and we’re extremely satisfied with the service and expert handling of our account. I highly recommend a conversation with them"

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