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The Coyle Group 360 Solution

The Coyle Group's 360-Solution was born from the idea that certain niches were underserved in the insurance marketplace. We see an opportunity in these niches to leverage our expertise, our resources, and our technology capabilities to maximize outcomes for clients. 360 describes our broader and more encompassing view of risk and insurance than most brokers take when it comes to commercial insurance. You can pretty much buy business insurance anywhere from any broker. But expertise? That's another matter altogether. Resources to control risk? Very uncommon. Technology to help accelerate the policy acquisition and renewal process? Limited. Most brokers today are still operating in the dark ages. Our current 360 offering is shown below and expanding. Have an idea for a particular industry vertical or niche? We'd love to hear from you.

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The Coyle Group


A solution for midmarket firms focused on workers compensation. Workers compensation is often viewed as a simple rate times payroll premium calculation by most brokers. The truth is that it's a multi-faceted ecosystem. Get one part wrong and you're paying the price today or worse for years to come. A subsection of CompControl360 is our unique audit process for firms insured on a large deductible program where we have found endemic abuse and overcharges costing mid-market firms hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our contingency based process audits your program on a 5 to 1 ROI. If we find no savings, there's no cost to you.

Few mid-market firms understand that the price they pay for insurance or their Total Cost of Risk hinges on their risk-score. RiskScore-360 is our propriety tool to help you take the right steps to improve your risk score so you can reduce your Total Cost of Risk.


Focuses on startup and early stage hedge fund managers who often find it difficult to obtain the coverage they need to get up and running. Technology helps accelerate the intake process, and our market access and expertise help get the deal done quickly and easily.


Coming soon will focus on the unique risk issues and needs of Venture Capital firms.


CyberRisk-360 focuses on what is potentially the greatest threat to businesses of all sizes today; cyber risk. This dynamic risk requires more than just a policy to stay ahead of a ever-changing threat.


Coming soon, is our focus on Private Equity firms, their portfolio companies and the unique insurance and risk issues they face from diligence to exit.


Coming soon will be our focus niche on the growing tech field in New York. From app developers to life science firms, this niche requires extreme expertise to understand the unique issues of errors & omissions, IP cover, and more.

Who We Work With

The Coyle Group works across a broad spectrum of industry verticals with both private and public companies. Whether you’re a fast growing local company or a mid-sized regional firm, we’ve got the tools, expertise and resources to help protect and grow your enterprise.


Business Insurance Information

Insurance for Technology Companies

Technology insurance – As the tech sector in New York City continues to grow, and we’re growing along with it. We have been partnering with tech firms for over 20 years and have a deep understanding of intricate coverage issues that technology firms are exposed to. Here is a short guide on the top issues […]

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Hedge Fund Insurance, is shopping right for you?

This may sound surprising, but the answer to the question of whether hedge funds should shop out their insurance programs is no. At least not in the traditional sense of giving your policies and loss runs to 2 or 3 brokers and comparing the prices that come back. Why is my answer no or that […]

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Reopening After The Coronavirus Shutdown

As a service to our clients, centers of influence, and prospective clients we are glad to provide you these documents to be used as guides in an effort to reopen your business following the Coronavirus Shutdown. If there is anything here we can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  If you need […]

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