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  • Aug2018

Why Aren’t YOU Buying Cyber Insurance?

As an insurance broker, I have often experienced small and medium sized business owners very reluctant to purchase cyber insurance; even though the cyber related risk seems very apparent.  So, I found a recent study published by Chubb Insurance on why decision makers may think cyber protection is unnecessary, interesting. The majority of respondents in this

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  • May2018

Anatomy of a Cyber Breach and Cyber Insurance

A recent new story from A.M. Best & Co., the insurance ratings agency, indicated that cyber insurance premiums grew over 32% in 2017, with most of that growth in the large account market – the Fortune 500 world.  The SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) market was barely buying cyber coverage.  Penetration in the SME market was

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  • Apr2018

The $11.5 Billion Problem with Ransomware

Ransomware will cost U.S. businesses an estimated $11.5 billion in 2019. Let’s break it down and talk about some of the basics.   First, what is ransomware? Ransomware is a form of malware or malicious code which will infect a user’s computer and encrypt all of the data on that machine and typically on an entire

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